About Us

MoldCheck.com specializes in creating inexpensive kits that allows customers to test for mold in the house. Mold detection is the key to starting the process of mold remediation.

Home Health Science, Inc. was founded in 1999 from the wisdom and experience of two long-practiced Ph.D. industrial microbiologists and an environmental scientist. The principals have a combined scientific experience of over 75 years of laboratory and field work.Home Health Science, Inc., is a Indoor Health Products development company specializing in environmental health and safety test kits, protective devices and tools. These products are inventions, innovations, adaptations and modifications of the latest scientific and technological advances used by industrial science laboratories to protect our food, water, medicines, cosmetics and workers.Our core field of expertise is Environmental Health & Safety.

Our mission is to continually search for, develop, produce and deliver the best personal environmental health and safety testing kits, tools and protective devices available.

Our initial product, the MoldCheck™, is focused on detecting levels of mold spores, tracking down and cleaning up these indoor mold spore allergens for those patients who have asthma and allergies and must keep these triggers as low as possible.

New products include Mold Spores Asthma & Allergy Project© for school science teachers “Mold Check for Pets,” The pre purchase mold inspection checklist™.


Welcome To Home Health Science

There are a great many health concerns that can sometimes elude us as we go about our daily lives. These include the kind of things we might have read or heard about in the news, but we don’t really think about them as we wake up in the morning, go to work or school, and come home to eat. The truth is, even with all of the conveniences that are made possible by the advent of modern technology – and, sometimes, because of them – we are susceptible to great number of potential health hazards. Some of them are immediate, while others can begin as mere “concerns” before escalating into something more serious. The human body may be resilient, but it’s not always possible to see or know about all of the things in our everyday lives that can put us at risk. Sometimes, problems can begin with simple oversights in our own home.

Home Health Science, inc. is dedicated to bringing some of these risks out into the light. The key to having a healthy home begins and ends with science. Knowing how and why health risks might crop in a home that, at least on the surface, seems clean and healthy, is the key to formulating an appropriate remedy. We are dedicated to passing our scientific knowledge to you so that you, your family, and your pets can occupy a healthy home and live many happy years.

Our company has been operating for over fifteen years. We have patented a do-it-yourself dry testing method that will help you locate sources of mold contamination at home, the MoldCheck Test Kit System™. There will be new products and systems to follow. We believe that finding the source of potential health risks in your home can be achieved through the use of the scientific method garnered from a knowledge base of microbiology and other corresponding fields. We also believe that these methods shouldn’t necessarily cost a lot. Not only are our MioldCheck Kits inexpensive, but the many of the various tips we offer on this site will not be expensive to carry out.

Please have a look around, and understand that the goal of this site is to educate, inform, and to offer potential solutions, not to alarm. Thanks!

– The Home Health Science Team