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Surface Mold Test Kit

The Surface Mold Test Kit can be used at home or work to:

  1. Prove you have live mold contamination on surfaces; and/or
  2. Confirm you have cleaned or sanitized the surface and drastically reduced the mold spore count; and/or
  3. Send a swab of the sample to a laboratory for toxic mold identification.
  4. Prove to a landlord or management that "you've got mold."


Surface Mold Testing Method

The Kit is quick and easy to use!

Sampling - Take a wipe sample of the suspect mold using the swab, then:


Wipe the swab on the film in the
pattern of an "x".

Save the swab in a locking plastic bag
if you want the mold(s) identified later.

Squeeze the activating liquid onto
the film and press closed.  Store the
film in the Kit box in a warm location
in your warmest room.

NOTE: Most molds take 4 to 7 days
to grow large enough to be visible.

Example of gross contamination.
Check the mold colonies as they grow
to visible size on days 3, 4, 5+.

If the film grows dozens or hundreds
of "dot" colonies like this, you have
confirmed a source of live mold


Every dot which begins to appear on the film is a growing mold colony. If hundreds appear you have a confirmed source of contamination (see number 3 above).  If only a few appear (5-10+) you do not have contamination - these are "background spores" (see graphic below).

Typical background pattern.
If only a few colonies appear
(5-10+) this represents background
spores, not a source of

Take Action:

If your surface mold test proves you have mold contamination, then you must take action to clean it up AND find the source of water which is causing it to grow.  Use the MoldCheckô Investigation Guide to find the water and the Clean Up Guide to prepare a safe clean up plan.

Saving Mold Test Kit Results:

If you want to save your test film results, you can photograph, scan or freeze them.  After the films have grown for 7 days, they are fully mature.  Place each film separately in a locking plastic bag, squeeze all the air out and lock it shut.  Place the bags in another locking plastic bag, close it and place it in the freezer.  This will halt the growth of the mold and preserve it - but it is still alive.

When you remove the films from the freezer do not open the individual bags.  When you have finished utilizing the films for "show-and-tell" discard them, unopened, in the trash.