Mold Mutes Muffin McMahon

The highest-ever monetary settlement for a case involving property damage due to mold was obtained in what turned out to be the highest-profile case of its kind. Celebrated television personality and former “Tonight Show” sidekick Ed McMahon (now deceased) sued his insurance company for $20 million after he, his family, and his dog were sickened by mold following the implementation of shoddy mold remediation and mold repair practices. The insurers and contractors accused in the case eventually agreed to a settlement of $7.2 million – still the highest documented recovery in such a case.

The case also made headlines because the McMahon’s beloved dog, Muffin, had to be euthanized because of respiratory illness about a month after signs of mold were discovered in the home. This resulted in a new awareness that common household mold can pose a danger not just to families, but to their best friends of the four-legged variety as well. The beginnings of the “Muffin” case were common enough: a broken pipe in the basement. Eventually the resulting water damage, which, according to the suit, the insurance contractors failed to properly clean up, according to the suit, caused mold to grow in the basement of the family’s Mediterranean-style home. The suit also alleged that workers originally painted over the mold instead of actually fixing the problem. Wrong as it may be, this is also a common practice. Eventually, the sickened family had to rent a space as their home underwent extensive repairs, which included the replacement of walls and the treatment of wooden beams.

This case underscores the fact that such incidents can happen to any family regardless of the income-level. No family is immune to the problems that result from a slow, hidden leak and shoddy repair. A broken pipe, as well as water damage due to a storm, can happen in any household. Visit to find kits to help detect household mold, and you can avoid an expensive litigation, recovery, and repair process that the famous funny man and his family had to endure. Additionally, on the website, you can order a MoldCheck™ Test Kit for yourself. Or, if not for yourself, do it for your pets. Don’t let your pooch or pussy cat become a muffin.

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