MoldCheck™ Sniffs Out Some Competition

The MoldCheck™ system for whole house mold testing is scientifically sound, with a patented detection process formulated over many years of research. Our development team has implemented the scientific method to ensure that the product is reliable, accurate, and inexpensive.

Yet, we at MoldCheck™ have truly found ourselves in a niche market, and we like it there. Our researchers and scientists are tireless and determined. We all have the appropriate certifications, and we take pride in what we do.

Still, we don’t usually laugh at our competition.

We’ve learned that one of our competitors is named “Ebony.”

Ebony is a Giant Schnauzer who, in the less than five years that she has been alive, as been called a “mold inspector” for the Top Dog Inspection Service. According to a company representative, Ebony’s nose is “like an X-ray,” and she goes into homes after a preliminary walk-through in order to find mold problems.

Then, there is the Mold Dog, which is (real-life) subsidiary of the Florida Canine Academy in which certain breeds of dogs, including Labs, Border Collies, Jack Russell Terriers, and Beagles are trained to sniff out mold. What about the qualifications that would entitle one to begin such training? Well, according to founder Bill Whitstine, you must be friendly, intelligent, energetic, and have plenty of drive. And, of course, you must have four legs and have a disposition to favor Milkbones and Snausages. Assuming those qualifications are met, potential “employees” will undergo
600-800 hours of intense raining so that the dog will be able to “accurately detect mold,” Whitstine said, while noting that the canine will then be able to detect 18 different types of toxic molds. After this initial training, each dog in the program will need to undergo quarterly testing and an annual evaluation This is, of course, all scientifically sound, particularly since each type of mold has a distinct smell and that dogs, with their olfactory sense far more acute than a human’s. It sounds like a pretty tough regimen for a dog; a grueling exercise indeed. Still, the annual certification of the effectiveness of a dog’s “mold detection ability” can be reassuring, particularly if you like dogs. If you find that you like dogs better than other people, and you want to help them find work in a fledgling
economy, you can certainly give Mold Dog a call, or find out what Ebony’s references are for your own use. We’re still here, working in our labs to create and package the MoldCheck™ Test Kit System. We think we have a great product here, one that should help you isolate your problem, saving you and your dog, from having health problems as a result of toxic mold due to water damage. And you don’t have to feed us, or take us for a walk. Plus, if you ask us for advice, we won’t bark at you.

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